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So Camille how do you think the health care system can be improved I think you could be improved by giving everyone access the health care because studies have shown an especially preventive care it's are cheaper to do preventive care good to have some people especially one that insurance use emergency rooms for truth I think we need to be taken care for everybody so do you feel that the reform that it comes to hell with tiny 2010 by pressing Barack Obama you'll be helpful to go ahead of things sure let me because it because it does just that I mean it extends coverage to more people which can only be a good thing thank you for watching me hi Krista so how do you think that health care system can be improving access well the first thing might be to develop a system because unlike every other industrialized country we have no health care system that's a misnomer we have catches catch PBF PP o--'s HMOs stand-alones hospital systems where that you have a miniature system within the state so a huge problem historically has been that we talk about the health care system in the United States and there isn't one never has been may see the very first start of it starting next year with the requirement of at least having computerized records that can speak to what one physician or system can speak to another so you feel that the Affordable Care Act by all the legislation's that are coming in through 2014 the major ones can feel that the electronic records will be a major change there will be you will see a major change in the healthcare system do that I think that would be the first step in actually creating something that could be viewed as a true system where you can to move information at least back and forth from one health care provider to another thank you so much health care can be described with any service care or supply related to the mental and physical health of an individual health care is delivered by doctors dentists nurses midwives therapists psychologists chiropractors laboratory technicians pharmacists and other health workers within healthcare there are providers at diagnose treat manage and prevent illness as well as preserve the physical and mental well-being of a person with the help of medical and health professions health care can either be private or public health care systems are designed to meet the health needs of a population some goals of the health care system include ensuring good health and responding to the expectations of the population as well as fair financial contribution from the people and the government the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act commonly called Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act is a US federal statute sign into law by president barack obama on march 20 30 2010 together with the health care and education act it represents the most significant government expansion and overhaul of the US health care system since the passage of medicare and medicaid into 1965 the Affordable Care Act is aim and...